NALTEC N1, N4 and N8 are LSI family for color/monochrome printer controller targeting small business/personal use. Using the NALTEC original host-based technology, NALTEC N series achieved overwhelming cost performances in comparison with conventional controllers.


Spec Comparison N1 N4 N8
USB 2.0 Full Speed(12Mbps) 2.0 High Speed(480Mbps) 2.0 High Speed(480Mbps)
Parallel I/F Equipped Equipped Optional
LAN Option - - Optional
Print Speed
6/24 10/40 16/64
Video Clock up to 48MHz up to 96MHz up to 133MHz
Resolution 600 to 1200dpi 600 to 2400dpi 600 to 2400dpi
Tandem Engine - - Capable
(*)Back-end IC may be necessary.
Package 208pin QFP 240pin QFP 176pin QFP
Process 0.35um 0.35um 0.18um
Power Supply
5V/3.3V 5V/3.3V 3.3V/1.8V


In Feb 2010, total number of the shipment of page printer controllers has exceeded 1.8 million. Printers equipped our products achieved high evaluation from the customers such as "TOP 10 Laser Printers" at PC and "EDITOR'S CHOICE" at PC MAGAZINE.

Development Environment

We offer SDK (Software Development Kit) for NALTEC N8. N8 SDK includes sample application, drivers and an evaluation board. Customers can develop original printers in a short period with the SDK.


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